Below are frequently asked questions about our residential services.  If you don’t find your answer here, feel free to give us a call.


Is there a cost to disconnect service when I leave for the winter months? FiberNet offers a free annual “snowbird” provision. If you leave for an extended period of time, we will be happy to suspend your services while you’re gone. Simply call customer service to let us know when you will be leaving and when you will return.

If you do not know your return date when you suspend your services, please call 3-5 days before you return so we can ensure your services are reconnected. A reconnect fee of $25 applies to accounts requiring same day reconnection without advance notice or that use the snowbird provision more than once per year.

What services are provided by FiberNet? Communication services including ultra-fast Internet, telephone and television services.

What does having Fiber Optic services mean? FiberNet is proving a true 100% fiber optic system. This means existing DSL and cable modem Internet services will appear to be standing still. Fiber optics transmits data at a greater distance and is best-in-class when it comes to quality and reliability.

What is FiberNet? A community-owned and operated communications company. Community operation means better and more personal attentive service to customers.

What is the Fiber Backbone? The backbone system is a 100% fiber optic data line installed to provide ultra-fast Internet services to the business community within Monticello.

How much does a service call cost? FiberNet does not charge for service calls that result from a FiberNet equipment failure or network related problem. However other issues, including but not limited to, damaged equipment, broken connections, or other 3rd party causes will have Trip and Time charges applied to the next month’s bill. The technician will inform you of any potential charges before completing the work.

When is Tech Support available? Our local technicians are available for support 24/7/365. If we are not able to resolve your issue over the phone, one of our technicians will be dispatched for the next business day.

When is FiberNet open for walk-ins? Your hometown customer support representatives are available Monday-Friday from 10am-12:30pm and 1:30pm-4:00pm.


Will I receive a FiberNet email address? We no longer offer FiberNet email addresses, but we highly recommend the use of Gmail, Yahoo or any of the other free, web-based email services.

What will the upload speed be compared to download speed? FiberNet offers state of the art symmetrical download and upload. What this means for you is that you will truly get what you ask for without any disruption at peak internet use time and there are no limits on data transfer up to your desired speed.

What if the results of my speed test are slower than the advertised speed? Speed tests measure the speed between your computer and the Internet. They can be a helpful tool, but please remember there are a variety of factors that can affect the results of the test. FiberNet will always provision your account for the speed you select but the speeds you achieve will be impacted by the capabilities of your devices, operating system, browser, etc.

Please follow these steps for best results on a speed test:

  • Connect your device directly into your router or FiberCenter. Speed tests can be run without directly connecting but maximum wireless speeds are slower than direct connect speeds.
  • Limit the number of devices and applications using the Internet connection.
  • Disconnect from any virtual private networks.
  • Use the speed test at:

General industry standards set acceptable speed test results at 80% of allotted bandwidth. Gig wired speeds up to 940/880 Mb with average speeds between 750-940 Mb download and 750-880 Mb upload. If the results of the speed test are within 80% of your Internet package and you want better performance, please contact us to upgrade your Internet service.


Can I keep my phone number if I switch to FiberNet? Absolutely! Our representatives are able to work with your current provider to ensure a seamless transition to FiberNet. The FCC has mandated that all phone numbers can be retained by the customer and serviced by the local carrier of their choice, whether landline or wireless.

What is phone porting? Porting is the option for customers to bring their existing phone number over to the carrier of their choice. The FCC regulates the Local Number Portability process to ensure that there are no unfair barriers to customers porting their numbers. You have the freedom to choose based on quality of service and value – no strings attached.

What will it cost me to change my telephone service? Carriers do have costs associated with the local number portability process, and there are some that assess a portability charge. FiberNet does not charge the customer to port their current number in, nor do they charge a monthly fee for keeping a ported number.

Does basic phone service include the metro calling area? Yes.