End-users are not required to subscribe to FiberNet Protection Plans in order to have basic telecommunications, video and data transmission service. When an enduser subscribes to a FiberNet Protection Plan, FiberNet provides, at no charge, repair or replacement of damaged inside wiring or jacks. The plans can be requested on new or existing service, and are effective on the completion date of the request. On existing service, pre-existing trouble must be repaired prior to adding the FiberNet plan.

The FiberNet plan does not cover non-standard wiring. There are technical and industry standards for telephone, video and data transmission wire, required to ensure proper transmission. An example of non-standard wiring includes speaker wire, electrical wire and electrical cable. Standard wiring requirements are addressed in the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), Part 68 rules. End-users or tenants in multi-tenant dwellings, such as apartment buildings and business complexes, should contact their property manager or building owner to determine if they are covered by an FiberNet Protection Plan. If not, FiberNet does provide maintenance plans to individual end-users or tenants if requested.

Continuous Property Extensions are covered on accounts having a FiberNet Protection Plan. Continuous Property Extensions are a single address location that is not separated by a public street, body of water, or public thoroughfare.

“So, in other words … once we install it, inspect what is pre-existing, determine that it complies with FCC rules and has NOT been modified since … we TAKE CARE OF IT!”

Protection Plans:

• Internet: $4.95/month

• Television: $4.95/month

• Phone: $2.95/month