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FiberNet Refund Policy

FiberNet, Delivered By Arvig® shall not be liable for any inconvenience, loss, liability, or damage resulting from any interruption of services directly or indirectly caused by, any circumstances beyond our control, including, but not limited to, causes attributable to you or your property; inability to obtain access to the Premises; failure of any signal at the transmitter; failure of a communications satellite; loss of use of poles, or other utility facilities; strike; labor dispute; riot or insurrection; war; explosion; malicious mischief; fire, flood, lightning, earthquake, wind, ice, extreme weather conditions, or other acts of nature; failure or reduction of power; or any court order, law, act or order of government restricting or prohibiting the operation or delivery of services. In all other cases of an interruption of services, you shall be entitled upon a request made within sixty (60) days of such interruption, to a pro rata credit for any service interruption exceeding twentyfour consecutive hours after such interruption is reported to us, or such other period of time as may be specifically provided by law. Unless specifically provided by law, such credit shall not exceed the fixed monthly charges for the month of such service interruption and excludes all nonrecurring charges, one-time charges, per call or measured charges, regulatory fees and surcharges, taxes and other governmental and quasi-governmental fees. EXCEPT AND UNLESS SPECIFICALLY PROHIBITED BY LAW, SUCH CREDIT SHALL BE YOUR SOLE AND EXCLUSIVE REMEDY FOR AN INTERRUPTION OF SERVICE. Any credits provided by FiberNet are at our sole and absolute discretion and in no event shall constitute or be construed as a course of conduct by FiberNet.

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