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“Great service and definitely the best deal I’ve ever had for internet, gigabit speed (1,000 megabits per second) for only $68 a month. Had Charter before and never going back.”

— Bryant K.

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Live life connected

FiberNet provides the best home internet experience around. Starting with service quality you can rely on and symmetrical speeds up to 1 Gig that keep up with how you use the internet.

Next-level home wireless

Our FiberCenter gives you the convenience of wireless internet everywhere in your home, without the hangups and hassles. We'll manage your network by setting up the best available signal, connecting new devices, helping you resolve issues and more.

Use the Arvig Manage Your WiFi app for more control of your network. Prioritize traffic and devices, restrict access to harmful content and receive an extra layer of protection at the network level.

Secure internet

Put up your defenses

You don’t want to lose precious family photos and important files to a hard-drive-destroying virus or because of data loss due to system failure, hacking or viruses. FiberNet provides top-tier antivirus protection.

Online Backup & Restore

What would you do if you lost precious family photos, important documents and work records? Today’s reality is that electronic devices are susceptible to data loss—whether by system failure, hacking or viruses. Arvig understands and believes in one response for secure, automatic, online backup: Carbonite. Think of this cloud-based solution as a virtual archive, with the ability to view and share your photos and files safely from any computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet.

Data Backup & Restore

Managed WiFi Resources

View the benefits of the Managed WiFi app, instruction manual, FAQ, how-to videos and more.

Here to help

FiberNet offers assistance programs for broadband internet and landline telephone subscribers, including federally- and state-funded discounts for qualified low-income individuals and tribal residents, and accessibility programs for the deaf, hard-of-hearing and speech impaired.

    • Lifeline Program & Enhanced Lifeline
    • Link Up for Tribal Lands
    • Internet Education Assistance Program
    • Minnesota Telephone Assistance Plan (TAP)
    • Telephone Equipment Distribution Program (TED)
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