Your technology team is here.

FiberNet’s Internet service offers exactly what you need for your business because it’s customized for your needs. Whatever the size of your business—whether you have one location or multiple sites—our broadband connection offers flexibility and control so you can increase productivity and complete transactions in seconds. We’re not just your Internet provider, we’re your business partner, offering you support when you need it most, 24/7/365.

FiberNet provides:

  • 100Mb, 500Mb, even 1Gb internet connections
  • Symmetrical and Non-symmetrical packages available
  • Wireless Internet
  • Local phone service & calling features
  • Hosted PBX
  • Phone Systems
  • WiFi TV
  • Local, friendly customer service, technical assistance and installation technicians

The internet connection to your home will only be as fast as your device(s) and can be constrained by the processors, the network adapter, the operating system, the browser, the memory available and other factors. Wired speeds up to 940/880 Mbps with average speeds between 750-940 Mbps download / 750-880 Mbps upload.