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Plan Name

Up to 50Mb

Up to 100Mb

Up to 500Mb*

Up to 1 Gig*

One Service




Special Offer: $65/mo

Two Services





Three Services





All speeds are symmetrical, they have the same upload & download speed. All speeds are “up to.” Customers will receive the fastest speed available based on plan and equipment. *Additional restrictions may apply to these speeds.

Digital Television

Plan Name

Basic Entertainment*

Home Entertainment**

Life & Leisure Entertainment

One Service




Two Services




Three Services




*A gateway fee applies to the first set-top box.  Set-top boxes cannot be used outside the FiberNet system.


Plan Name

FiberNet Standard

One Service


Two Services


Three Services


Service includes: Call Waiting, Three-Way Calling, Selective Call Rejection and the Metro calling area.

Rates do not include taxes, fees, or surcharges. Pricing subject to change.

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