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On September 16th FiberNet upgraded our network. The work included network maintenance that was essential to be completed, and it also created the opportunity for FiberNet to provide enhanced speed and performance for internet subscribers. These changes were planned and tested; however, when implemented across the city, they affected phone and internet service for a number of subscribers.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience these outages had on our customers. We know how important internet and phone services are, and we do not take lightly our responsibility to restore stability as quickly as possible.

The outage has been resolved for the majority of our customers. Yet we understand the length of the outage was unacceptable to many subscribers. As an apology for the interruption, all subscribers with internet or telephone service will see a credit on their October bill. If you have any additional questions or concerns about recent events, please call 763-314-0100 to speak with a FiberNet representative.



FiberNet was created to meet your needs by providing:

Internet service distinguished by rapid symmetrical upload & download speeds

Television service with quality picture & more reliability than satellite

Telephone service including the metro calling area & advanced features


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